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The Four Agreements Essay

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The Four Agreements, by author Don Miguel Ruiz, is a practical guide to self freedom, a brilliant book about letting go of the artificial identification. He defines the life that we are living as nothing more than a dream which we have full control over but fail to realize and take advantage of it.

Don Ruiz used the Toltec Wisdom of his ancestors to provide readers with a vigorous understanding on how each person as individuals possess the power within us to successfully manage our life to experience self-happiness, which many people fragilely wish to achieve. Mr. Ruiz explains the importance of reprogramming our belief system to develop an innovative ...view middle of the document...

Don’t make assumptions
Have a clear line of communication with others to avoid any misleading information that may be shared. If something is not understood then ask questions plus express what you truly want. Out of the four agreements this one can transform your life immediately.

Always do your best
Always gives 110 percentage of your effort regardless of the situation. Never allow the opportunity for self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret to enter your heart because if you give your all then in the long run you’ll feel more comfortable with yourself no matter the end result.
The first agreement is about the power of our words (Though clear before you talk) and the reason we have to hold them at the highest standards. Next, Mr. Ruiz further explains that we are in full control of our lives which is why we don’t have to take things personal, and others can’t affect us, only if we permit their thoughts, words and behavior to enter our world. The third agreement, use communication to get the truth instead of making the mistake of assuming which may led to misunderstanding. Finally, the last agreement is regarding the best you can do which you should always do, you best no matter the circumstances. It will increase your self-efficiency.
In the last two chapters of the book he focuses on how to unleash from fear and doubt by implementing the teachings to our lives. Then, a variety of techniques are presented to use which were culture to the ancient...

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