The Ford Pinto Ethical Dilemma Essay

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In this presentation, a very important case that transpired from 1971 to 1978 with the Ford Motor Company, under the leadership of Mr. Lee Iacocca, CEO will be explored. During that time the CEO of Ford wanted to manufacture a vehicle to keep up with the competition that was going on with other manufactures. The Ford Company experienced many tragic issues with this vehicle having to pay millions of dollars in lawsuits. This was due to ...view middle of the document...

A comparison of utilitarianism, deontological and virtue ethics in whistle blowing will be discussed to display how any business today can experience the negative or positive effects of such behavior. The risk taken stirred up a lot of talk nationwide regarding Ford’s action. The question of discussion will focus on whether or not Ford was actually the total blame for each incident that took place. First a possible solution will be looked at for the situation if one was to find themselves in the position of Mr. Iacocca.

If one were involved in an ethical dilemma such as the Ford Pinto Case, first and foremost, the solution would be based on doing the right thing, because it is good for the business and the consumer. Although that sounds simple, doing what is right is hard to act on. Be aware that these decisions will stem from some difficult psychological reasoning, although one must focus on the ethical aspects of making these decisions.

The philosophical theory of...

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