The Following Lyrics Discuss Whether The Government Stimulus Efforts In Response To The Recent Financial Crisis Worked And Also Argue Points About Government Policy During The Great Depression And The Subsequent

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* List three significant events that have happened in your life (these should be things that have changed you in one way or another). 
* Going back to school
* Separation of me and my husband
* The loss of a good friend

The first event I listed is important to me is because going back to school has had a big impact on me. It made me realize that having an education is very important to me it will provide a stable life for me and my kids. The next event I listed ...view middle of the document...

I want to own my own health care business and this would provide better life for me and my kids. The last event is important to me because the loss of my friend seem like it took a big part away from my life. She was always there when I need someone to talk and she was my motivation to get back in school to further my education and to never give up on your goals you have set for yourself. The topic that interest me the most to write my essay about is going back to school. Getting an education is important to many people in there on way. It can help you provide a good life for you and your family and help you accomplish any goals you have set for yourself. I think a reader would be interested in this topic enough to read it because it will explain all the benefits that you can gain from it to make your life better from you and your family. The event that I have chosen was going back to school it will come with my event as well in be a good mother to my kids. My family is my support team to help me through anything they possible can so I can be a great success to anything I set my mind too

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