The Five Stages Of Grief Essay

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The Three Stages Of Grief
Grief is an emotion that we all experience in one point of our lives. It is sparingly, complex and found hard to overcome. There are three stages to the process of grieving. Each consist of denial, anger, and depression. Individuals say that if you get stuck in one stage you are not done yet the process of grieving. In Alice Sebold’s novel “The Lovely Bones,” characters Lindsey, Jack, and Abigail all go through these stages when Susie Salmon is raped and murdered. The first character who goes through the three stages is Lindsey who has a very distinct way of going through the stages. The next character that proceeds throughout the stages is Jack who grieves ...view middle of the document...

Lindsey is now not only angry that she was not there to help stop the murder but also wishes that she was the one to die instead of Susie. Lastly Lindsey’s stage of anger turns into depression. Lindsey acknowledges that her sister died but she still feels sacredly devoted to her sister. When Susie observes her sister she says, “She avoided mirrors. She took showers in the dark now” (Sebold 59). Lindsey did not take showers with the lights on mainly due to two reasons. Every time she looked in the mirror she did not see her reflection bit Susie’s and lastly because she was so ashamed of herself for loosing such an important person in her life and she still blames herself for Susie’s death. She cannot look in mirrors because she is ashamed of looking at herself. As time went by and Lindsey got older she learned to accept the fact that her sister was gone forever. The three stages of grief are what got her to learn to move on. Without these stages, she would have never learned to cope with her sister’s death and continue to live her life.
The second character that goes through the three stages of grief is Jack, Susie’s father. Just like his daughter Lindsey, his grief begins immediately. However, unlike the other characters there is something very admirable about the way Jack cannot let go of his daughter’s death. First, Jack is completely in denial about the death of his daughter. He cannot comprehend and process that fact that his little girl Susie is murdered. The way in which one can see that Jack is in complete denial is shown when the detectives continuously bring him more evidence about the murder. The detective tells him “ Nothing is ever certain” (Sebold 20). These words stick to Jack and make him believe that his daughter is somewhere out there is still fighting for her life, however it is clear due to all the evidence given that Susie is dead. The stage of denial then slowly turns into anger for Jack. Jack and Susie shared a hobby of building ships. Jack begins to break the ships to release the anger he has in his body. As Susie looks down from heaven she says, “ Then there was the ship that had burst into flames in the week before my death. He smashed that one first” (Sebold 46). As Jack breaks the ships it shows the reader that now he realizes that his daughter is gone forever and he cannot do anything to change that. However Jack still cannot let go of his daughter and learn to move on because he has not yet completed the three stages of grief. To finish off, Jack goes through the last stage which is depression. His depression is portrayed when he breaks down emotionally. Jack has been strong the whole time and tried to be the anchor of the family however he slid into depression. Susie says while she watches from heaven, “ My father was unable to stop his tears. He slid to the floor, and then opened up his arms” (47). After realization and release of anger Jack is now in an emotional state of depression. He must grief in this stage...

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