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The Filter Bubble Reflection Essay

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The Filter Bubble Reflection: What does it have to do with Media, Culture & Society?
After having read the filter bubble, I strongly feel enlightened in a way I never thought possible earlier. We are surrounded by media not only on just a day and night basis, but on a minute to minute or literally second to second basis. In today’s world of a constant need for information in the fastest and the most convenient ways possible, one unknowingly becomes accustomed to living in a bubble of information, ideas, knowledge, concepts, facts, news, current political affairs, entertainment etc. catered to one’s individual needs and not a holistic picture of the world that one lives in. I strongly ...view middle of the document...

Facebook only keeps me in touch with those 9 to 10 people’s pages I tend to visit on a frequent basis, again disconnecting me literally from hundreds of other friends I have managed to make simply because I do not visit their profiles as often. Google and Facebook have led us to believe that they are our link to the world in the comfort of our pajamas and convenience of our home, however what they do not explicitly state is this world is only an extremely minute and biased fragment of the big picture.
Prior to reading the filter bubble, I used to find it rather impressive that Google would already know what I am looking for with me only having typed in a few letters of something onto the search, or the fact that Facebook would know exactly what friends I like to keep myself updated on and would arrange my newsfeed accordingly. Also websites like Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist etc would direct me to exactly what I need and make suggestions for my next purchase. Even something as simple as a website called Goodreads that I often like to visit to read books would generate a list of books according to the genres I’ve...

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