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The Feasibility Of Universal Drug Liberalization

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Global Politics: The feasibility of universal drug liberalization as an emerging phenomenon

Globalization & The War on Drugs: Assessing alternatives to criminalization

The purpose of this paper is to address universal drug liberalization as a feasible alternative to the current drug control regime specifically in North America and potentially applicable elsewhere. With an in depth analysis of the historical regulation, implementation of law, and resulting consequences we will be able to see how nations are effected by complex drug politics and why there has been a global paradigm shift in looking spiritedly at the ideal of decriminalization. I ...view middle of the document...

Historical Context
Libertarianism has almost always had position in political discourse but has been majorly popularized through public attention within the era of globalization. (article)
Control of drug consumption has always been a contemporary ingredient in the political reform of Canada and the America’s and as we see many wars come and go, the Drug War is still largely active.

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