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The Fault In Our Stars Essay

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The Fault in Our Stars book report
In this book, John Green takes us to into a world of a sixteen year old girl’s life battling cancer and falling in love despite her views on love. The main character’s name is Hazel, who is fighting thyroid cancer. Her cancer is terminal, meaning she will die at some point in time. She says her best friends are her parents and a book called Imperial Infliction, which she claims is almost as perfect as the Bible. Her parents believe she is depressed, so they send her to a Support Group where many other cancer patients gather. One boy in the support group’s name is Isaac, who has a rare cancer in his eyes; this causing him to have one real eye and one glass ...view middle of the document...

’ The book becomes dry for the next few chapters but throughout that time, Augustus and Hazel grow closer. The book has also bloom a love between them. Augustus, still having his cancer wish, wants to spend it on traveling to Amsterdam to meet the author of ‘Imperial Affliction.’ Hazel is baffled that he wants to do that for her; that is where she begins to realize she is falling in love with him. The wish fairies, as Augustus calls them, grant this wish, and they begin to plan for Amsterdam. While planning, Hazel goes through a stage where she almost dies and is in the hospital for days; this scares Augustus and he believes he’s going to lose the one he loves before he even tells her how he feels. Hazel survives the rough patch and within a few weeks, she, her mother, and Augustus are boarding a plane to Amsterdam. On the plane, Augustus states he is in love with Hazel and her only reply is,” Augustus…” When arriving, Amsterdam is greater than they expected. Each day is new and different until they met Peter Van Houten, the author of ‘Imperial Affliction.’ Peter ends up being a no good drunk who tells them nothing they wanted to...

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