The Evolvement Of Technology Over Decades And The Continuing Effect On The Environment

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The Evolvement of Technology over Decades and the continuing effect on the Environment |
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The following text is characterized by an Essay in which it outlines in four solid body paragraphs, integral identified reasons whereby technology has developed, progressed and advanced over decades and what problems these are causing the environment. |
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Trends in Information and Communications in Technology have constantly evolved over the past century. The way information was stored has significantly changed. The way we communicate. The gadgets and devices we use to operate our daily life. Even to the point of programs on the computer that ...view middle of the document...

Assembling a computer uses mass amounts of energy and also produces millions of greens house gases each year.
It is vital to continue considering this question; ‘What Impact does all these new sophisticated technologies have on the environment?’ Before the world can take technology to a new perspective in regards to it acting as the ’nucleus’ of our lives. Under this question, lie many queries and one of them being the energy consumption in running electronic devices and more so; carbon emissions. A study was conduction at Victoria University in Melbourne in relation to carbon emissions in ICT’s excluding radio and television. The pie chart shows of the 1 Gigatonne of carbon emitted, 40% comes from PCs and monitor. This means computers alone emit over one third of the carbon calculated in this study. As part of this study, a framework of analysis was created which ultimately underlined the effects that technologies have on the environment. This study concluded; ‘We also need to examine ways to make ICTs zero-carbon, not just energy efficient, and to find ways for ICTs to support and enable transition to alternative energy systems.’ (Houghton) Accordingly, it is absolutely integral that individuals take a personal interest in what effect their new and amazing technological device is having on the environment.

It is a frequently asked question as to how computers are dealt with after they die or become beyond usable. ‘The process of building computers affects the environment. Energy is used and greenhouse gases are produced. Each year, millions of empty laser cartridges and discarded computers are dumped in tips as landfill.’ (Places) It is estimated that a computer will reach its use-by date by approximately four years. This is just the beginning of disposing of old hardware or maybe developing new innovations to appropriately recycle this equipment ‘There is no reason why we cannot dispose of old equipment responsibly, recycle safely and manufacture new equipment with sensitivity to these environmental issues.’ (Places) There are organizations around the world that generate a non-profit enterprise that claims used and destroyed computers. This is a very responsible manner in which hardware is...

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