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The Ethics Problem In Marketimg Research

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Section 1: Introduction
In marketing, issues such as price discrimination, cheating of customers, bribes, dishonest advertising, price collusion posed by competitors, overselling and unfairness to employees especially in prejudiced hiring and unfair remuneration, all present big ethical problems in business. These discrepancies are bound to happen since they occur during interactions among humans which is inevitable in marketing. The issue then is how to manage them and suppress them and their accrued consequences.
A researcher is mandated to get accurate and reliable information from the respondents. They are at times lured into deceiving the respondents into not what the actual research ...view middle of the document...

Managers should take it as an obligation to disclose all the important information that pertains to a certain research to the employees. This will even play the role of vividly enlightening the employees on the specific goals that are to be achieved thus simplifying the whole activity and enabling precision (Fulmer, 2006).
On the other hand, employees in the field should clearly give out all the relevant information to their respondents without a bit of alteration so as to achieve cooperation and good response in return. Respondents should be handled with utmost care. At times the company may want to withhold their identity but this is to their own disadvantage against their competitors to whom the field will be more cooperative to. The respondents will contribute more when there is utmost openness and accountability (Robert, 1998).
Employees should then provide exact and accurate data as collected in the field. This then should be taken seriously by the managers who should scrutinize every bit of it using credible methods of interpretation to avoid misinterpretation. The information obtained should then be used appropriately as opposed to misuse of the same.
The other issue is on confidentiality. Researchers get a lot of information that somewhat confidential while in the field (American Marketing Association, 1982). The question is that arises is on the treatment of such information. This should be greatly protected since disclosure of such information would be wrong. More so, it would place the company at a disadvantage against its competitors. It is therefore obligatory for employee researchers and their managers to take caution while reporting on the research they have conducted. On the other hand, it would discourage consumers who participated as respondents with the mentality of helping the company, only to realize that their secrets have been let out for everyone to know. It is heinous too and very unethical (Myers, William $ Stephen, 2004).
Another issue is the actions of the management towards the personnel. These activities range from hiring, treatment and remuneration (American Marketing Association, 1982). Unethical issues such as conflict in hiring and firing, poor and unfair remuneration and poor working conditions are common. There are cases of biased hiring based on nepotism and friendly ties leaving out the experienced lot. How would someone not be awarded a job opportunity on grounds that they are over experienced? It is unethical and morally wrong. Employees are again fired or retrenched unfairly (Myers, William $ Stephen, 2004). With these conditions, the company is prone to achieve poor results. Employees are again exposed to poor working conditions such as inadequacy of working tools and being overworked especially for long hours without subsequent compensation. The company should review its compensation plan to ensure that every employee is well compensated for their duty dispensation. After all, the performance of...

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