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The Environment Of Murfatlar Essay

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General Analysis of wine industry and Murfatlar
Wine Market has some features that customize the overall food market. In this market, competition between different types of products plays an important role, outlining the size of supply and demand. The substitution effect plays an important role in the competition between alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks, as an essential element of this market.
Wine market is a mature market whose development is strongly affected by favorable or unfavorable consumer habits and by buying behavior of consumers of wine. In traditional producing countries and consuming wine, wine consumption decreases rapidly while the consumption of quality wine grows slowly. ...view middle of the document...

The volume of wine market in 2009 was estimated at 6 million hectoliters.
Building scenarios
"Murfatlar Wine" Wine is the market leader in Romania. The technology used is adapted to each variety of wine. Time to harvest grapes is scientifically established depending on the type of wine they want to obtain and harvest time is naturally capable of producing the full range of wines, from whites to reds, from dry to sweet. All these aimed at achieving a genuine product: Murfatlar wine, with its unmistakable characteristics and qualities.
In the last years, Murfatlar had large increases in terms of sales, market share, especially in the brand's reputation. And the amounts that the company will allocate for promotion campaigns have increased several times to 5 million. Murfatlar values ​​(which makes it the leader):
* One in three bottles of wine sold in Romania is Murfatlar;
* The largest vineyard - over 2600 ha;
* Longest tradition - first childbirth certificates of wine in our country and dates are Murfatlar nearly 2,000 years;
* The biggest investment - nearly $ 10 million;
* Most active brand - most new products, the largest advertising budgets, the largest investment in the distribution system;
* The widest range of products.
All values ​​listed above are due more or less of factors not necessarily related to the policies practiced by Murfatlar, but also the environment in which it has developed over time.
Study of factors such as economic, technical, social, demographic, psychological, educational, civilization, natural, organizational and policy, short term, which varies in intensity and mode of action, may cause the product to penetrate the market more easily than another product designed without studying them.
Natural factors also influence the products obtained. Arid soils with underlying limestone becomes apparent that in many places, excessive continental climate with hot summers, sunny autumns and long, poorly distributed rainfall in spring and autumn, provides a uniform ripening grapes and in some years with the help of a fungus (Botrytis cinerea var. nobilis) leading to the super concentration of the sugar of grapes, an essential factor in achieving liqueur wines.
Technical factors (technical equipment available) and their influence upon the obtained product is adapted to each variety of wine. Tradition and experience are worth now made ​​using the most modern winemaking technology.
Porter’s Diamond
1. Factor conditions
Murfatlar wine is a market leader with a market share of 32%. In other words, one of three bottles purchased in Romania is Murfatlar.
Current and potential customers:
77.0% of cases bottled wine consumer purchases to 0.75 L. 67% of people who purchase wine are men and only 23% of buyers are women. The occupation categories are better represented among consumers of wine are those committed with secondary education (27%), employee education (26%). Follow students (19%) and those...

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