The Effects Parents Have On Early Childhood Education

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The Effects Parents Have on Early Childhood Education
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January 8, 2014

The Effects Parents Have on Early Childhood Education
Berger, E. (1999). Supporting parents with two essential understandings: attachment and brain development. Early Childhood Education Journal, 26(4), 267-270.
Early childhood development begins as an infant. A parent should love and have supportive interaction with their child to enhance the development. A child learns more and is willing to engage more when they are shown love. Attachment ...view middle of the document...

Children learn by observing their parents and/or siblings which allows them to be models. If the parents are unsure of how to promote self-regulatory development they can be taught how to enable their children goals. This is a peer-review article that is scholarly under Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
Sukhram, D. & Hsu, A. (2012). Developing reading partnerships between parents and children: A reflection on the reading together program. Journal of Early Childhood Education,40,115-121
Reading is essential with early childhood development. Reading Together Program helps to ensure that parents are spending the necessary reading time to ensure effective reading development at an early age. Selecting the correct book and asking the “why”, “what”, and “how” engages the child so that they want to continue to learn. An interesting fact is that children who have storybooks read to them have a higher advantage at succeeding in higher level grades over children that does not have them read to them( Sukhram,D & Hsu, A (2012)). The author affiliation is with State University of New York College. This is a peer-review article in the Journal of Early Childhood, a collection of scholarly works in the same field of knowledge as the above authors.

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