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The Effects Of Childhood Development Essay

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Since the development of Psychology, the effects of childhood development and behavior has been a largely controversial topic. Psychologists, such as Sigmund Freud and Jean Piaget, have been avid supporters of the idea that childhood development largely depends upon factors in their environment while growing up. It is believed that negative environments are the embryo for psychological disorders expressed later in life. The early childhood and developmental environments of multiple clearly psychotic individuals, such as infamous serial killers, have been studied to determine the cause of such undesirable disorders. These disorders continue to hinder the lives of many people to the point that ...view middle of the document...

” Ridgway was a serial killer in the 1980’s and 1990’s that largely preyed upon women and young girls. He grew up in a troubled home, where his mother was a very dominant factor in his life. Ridgway known for being a social outcast, with an embarrassingly low intelligence level and was an avid bed-wetter until the age of 14. Wetting the bed so late into adolescence, his mother would treat him like an infant and bathe him regularly, personally cleaning his genitals. Embarrassed by his low IQ and the manner in which his mother treated him like a baby, he developed a strong dissociation disorder. This would fill him with sexual and violent fantasies for his mother, developing a strong case of the Oedipus Complex. His Oedipal Complex could be later shown through the murdering of his victims, which represented his sexual and violent fantasies about his mother by having intercourse with the victims and then strangling them.
Another form of psychosis, personality disorders, often impair people's perceptions of the world and can lead them to doing certain, outrageous actions. One unfortunate victim of such a disorder, is Jeffrey Dahmer, or “The Milwaukee Cannibal.” During early childhood, Jeffrey was exposed to a lack of love and attention by his parents. This was due to their devoted attention to his younger brother, and his father's devoted work schedule. Also, his mother required complete attention from her husband at all times, so when Dahmer’s father wasn’t working, he was consumed by his wife. This isolation was the primary cause of his developing psychotic disorder, borderline personality disorder. Borderline personality disorder provides instability of interpersonal relationships and the inability to control internal impulses. This was evidenced through the lack of friends throughout adolescence into early adulthood. Also, the inability to control his internal impulses to kill as a younger child, therefore killing many innocent animals. In addition to killing animals, he would then preserve them in jars using chemicals. He learned how to use chemicals to preserve dead carcasses by his father, who was a promising chemist at a local university who took his son’s interest as nothing but innocent and curious. These actions as a young boy transpired into the brutal molesting, raping, and disembodiment of many victims later in life, in addition to the preservation of these body parts for later consumption.
One of the most commonly occurring, but yet widely variable, psychological disorders is schizophrenic disorders. Among these, Schizoid Personality Disorders are the most prominent, and sometimes most fatal. SPD is associated with long-term isolation from social relationships and proper love and affection. One...

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