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The Effect Of Organizational Culture Essay

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The Effect of Organizational Culture

The organizational culture is very important to every person, especially to someone that works in a professional environment. Recognizing and acknowledging a firm’s organizational culture, its benefits and weaknesses before starting employment is one of the most important necessities. This helps a person to find out if they might be a good fit for the company and if that company will satisfy their personal values and beliefs. For me, as a future accountant in the professional public firm, some of the most important characteristics are ethical values and their practices within the company. I am very interested in learning how ethical values promoted by ...view middle of the document...

Authors state that ethical and moral values and behaviors of professional accountants increase and contribute unlimited significance to organizational culture. In addition, these characteristics lead to vital accomplishments and achievements and are very important for an organization’s success.

In the first part of the article "Impact of Ethical Values Promoted by Professional Accountants on the Organizational Culture" authors define and explain what organizational culture is by analyzing and using various descriptions provided by international researchers. Evaluating these descriptions and explanations of what organizational culture is, it is clear that every organization has their own culture with their own important principles, values, views and ideals which are inherent and specific to their business success. In addition, in article “What You Need to Know about Organizational Culture” Edgar Schein writes from his personal observance and experience and speaks of the differences in organizational cultures and concludes that “that every organization has its own particular pattern of assumption about the word”. Subsequently, because of dissimilarities in organizations, it is very important to analyze, identify and recognize a potential employer’s organizational culture. Acknowledging and evaluating a company’s organizational culture is very important to every person, including me. Finding a company with suitable organizational culture that fits a person’s individual values and beliefs, helps him/her to achieve more professionally, grow faster in the organization, will result in being more satisfied professionally, and can lead to a more prosperous professional and personal life.

In the second part of the first article authors Ţogoe Greti Daniela, Mateş Dorel, and Mănescu Dragotoiu Mileva Valentina analyze the interrelationship between organizational culture and ethical values. According to the authors, “The ethical decision is a process meant to explore all aspects of choosing between several possible actions, depending on the organization’s recognized moral values, and then weigh those options and recommend a course of action.” Furthermore, authors allege in their research paper two more solid statements: (1) “business ethics plays a fundamental role in promoting or undermining the image of the corporation” and (2) accountants “are the ones that who add value to the business”. Authors’ statements and research shows and guides me to the conclusion that professional accountants’ ethical behaviors are very important to organizational culture. This study also demonstrates to me that my ethical values and beliefs can improve morale in the organization between employees and that could result in an increase of productivity and better financial benefits for the company. Moreover, the ethical behavior can lead to self-improvement and leaderships skills that could help others to improve and grow within the company and personally as well. This...

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