The Educator In A Pastoral Role

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The educator in a pastoral role
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Phenomenon of child trauma, and the effects of trauma
on Mary’s life



Phenomenon of child trauma



Effects of trauma on Mary’s life



Parental involvement and parental counselling



An individual and learning intervention program for Mary



Important guidelines to take into account



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At first she said
I was making it up and exaggerating. Then she said I shouldn’t wear skimpy clothes around the
house. It upset me deeply because it seemed like she didn’t really care about me and she didn’t
blame him for what he did. It was like she thought it was my fault. I started staying over at friends’
places and avoiding going home. I told my friends I hated mum’s boyfriend but was too embarrassed
to say I’d been abused by him. Sometimes mum told me I couldn’t go out, but often she was too
stressed or upset to notice what I was doing. I couldn’t handle the way I was treated at home.
You are Mary’s class and subject teacher, and have always been kind to her. Desperate and alone, Mary
stays behind in your class one day, and tells you her story.
You as a pastoral educator are therefore concerned about Mary’s wellbeing and decided to assist her.
Provide your plan of action using the following as guidelines:
Compile a background narrative for Mary’s story. Include information in terms of the following:

Mary’s stage of psychological development according to Erickson’s stages of psychological
development (see the Study guide, pp. 9-10)

The possible effects of child abuse (Study guide, section 5.1), sexual abuse (Study guide, section
5.3.5), emotional abuse (Study guide, sections 5.3.3), emotional neglect (Study guide, section
5.3.4) and physical neglect (Study guide, section 5.3.2) on Mary
Hint: provide the definitions first and then apply them to Mary’s situation.

Explain the possible effects of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs on Mary’s behaviour (Study guide, pp.
2.1 Define the concepts guidance (use any scientifically sound definition), counselling (Study guide,
section and support for learning problems (Study guide, section Indicate in a
statement that you as pastoral carer can only provide guidance to Mary as you are not a qualified
educational psychologist.
2.2 Discuss the phenomenon of child trauma, and the effects of trauma on Mary’s life (Study guide
sections,, length 1 page).
2.3 Differentiate between parental involvement (Study guide, section and parental counselling
(Study guide, section
2.4 Develop an individual and learning intervention program for Mary. Also discuss important
guidelines that you will take into account to report the abuse, involve support services, involve her
mother and step-father, and scaffold her to cope with possible learning difficulties. (Study guide
sections 7.2.6 and other applicable information from Learning unit 7,,, 5.5.2, 7.2.5).
Source: Unisa. 2015. College of Education. Department of Curriculum and Instructional Studies. The
educator in a pastoral role. Tutorial letter 101/3/2015 for EDPHOD8. Pretoria: Unisa, pp. 14-6.




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