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The Dress Julia Darling Essay

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The text The Dress is written by Julia Darling in 2006, with an intrusive narrator. In the text we hear about two siblings, Rachel and Flora, and their mother. The text tells the story of two sisters, who are having a hard time with each other, because of a very nice silk dress Rachel bought. It is a short story and takes place on the mother’s birthday, which they celebrate by going on a fine restaurant. The family lives in a rich area, which we can tell since they go out to fine restaurants and by the girls drinking expensive cocktails with their friends.
The text starts in medias res, by telling how Rachel realizes that her dress is gone. She quickly suspects ...view middle of the document...

She wanted her daughters to make an effort.” Not only does this tells us that she has trouble focusing on the argument, but also that she wants attention from her girls. Later in the argument, when Flora admits that she took the dress, the mother gets very angry and says to Flora: “I want you to leave!” This shows that the mother got a temper, she is very strong-willed and that she can make consequences for her children.
By characterizing the mother I have already talk a little about the relationship between the sisters, Rachel and Flora. In the text the girls really hate each other, but it seems like this is a pretty frequent pattern, shown when Julia Darling writes: “Communication between her daughters was often like this: barbed and dangerous.” I believe Rachel is the older one of the two sisters, and because of that Flora looks up to Rachel. When Flora wears the dress Julia Darling describes her feelings: “It made her feel taller, braver, cleverer, and Rachel was all those things already.” This tells us that Flora really looks up to her sister, and wants to be like her. In spite of Flora looking up to Rachel, she is also very cocky and arrogant when she talks to her sister. When this happens Rachel burst out in rage. Rachel is also the “good” girl with the good manners, where Flora is more of a rebel: “…, pushing open the door of her sister’s room, wading through disordered heaps of crumpled discarded clothes, empty cigarette packets, broken lighters, dried-out mascara brushes and lidless lipsticks.” This shows that Flora is careless about her appearance at home and doesn’t care what her...

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