The Dress By Julia Darling Essay

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The Dress by Julia Darling

What does it take for a family to get separated? Can this just happen over night or in a matter of a couple of hours? Has the society changed and is it easier to simply just separate? A lot of families get torn apart nowadays and there are several causes for all of this. In the short story “The Dress” written by Julia Darling from 2006, we are introduced to two girls who are slowly tearing their own family apart in a special way.

The mother of the two kids, Flora and Rachel, is a very sweet and caring person. She wants to do everything for her kids, but they aren’t always going to obey what she says. The mother, as mentioned in the text, is forty years old – ...view middle of the document...

I think the reason why Flora steals one of the most precious things that Rachel has, is because she wants to rebel. All life her sister has probably suppressed her in some kind of way, and she wants it to stop now - so she takes the dress. That is the easiest way to do it and she is sure of Rachel’s reaction. The two sisters relationship isn’t good at all, but it’s not all their fault. The trouble can have been caused by the fact that their parents aren’t living together anymore. They probably need a father and a mother figure at the same time in their lives – it’s not easy for either of them to be without one of their biological parents and just adjust to whomever they are living with. They need to get attention from both of their parents at the same time – not as they are doing now, because that’s obviously spoiling them.

The dress in this story, as mentioned before, is a symbol of jealousy and a sister’s cry for attention from her big sister. The dress belongs to Rachel – she has everything and she is probably the popular girl that everyone wants to be friends with. On the other hand, her sister has no dress – she doesn’t have all the things that Rachel does, but she wants it, she wants to be just like her popular sister. When she steals the...

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