The Dream Act: The Hope And Vision For Illegal Aliens

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The DREAM act: The Hope and Vision for Illegal Aliens

GreciaCatu is a 2009 valedictorian at the University High School in Texas has been an exceptional student since she was 7 years old. She loved math and books and as a High School student, she received a presidential scholarship to go to Baylor University, renowned for having one of the highest turnouts of students to attend medical school after graduation. Given her potential, she could have been one of the leading scientists working towards developing a cure for cancer or on other work that would advance society. She could be all these wonderful things if she was able to accept this offer but unfortunately, she is barred from ...view middle of the document...

With revisions like limiting the amount of people allowed to be naturalized in the U.S. The DREAM act could be reconsidered for enactment in the future, affording students like Grecia a brighter future as well.
The DREAM act was the inspiration for many immigrant students to perform well in school as it offered them a chance to pursue higher education. Presented by the Senate and the House of Representatives in 2001, the DREAM Act mainly focuses on giving illegal children an opportunity to become legal citizens. It states that any person that came to the United States as illegal immigrants (including illegal aliens as old as 35 years old) 5 years prior to the bill's enactment is eligible for temporary status. The person would need to live in the United States for at least five years and complete high school or a general equivalent degree (GED), have been accepted into an institution of higher education, and must have good moral character. If an applicant fails to meet these requirements, illegal immigrants will be deported back to their original country (Packer, par.4); this will ensures that the student is deserving of the opportunity of studying in college. After an illegal student meets the requirements, they will be granted a green card which will allow them to get financial benefits and provide other ways to make their path to a degree a lot easier.
Nowadays, for many illegal students, having a green card or being a permanent resident became a dream among illegal immigrants as it gave them access to resources that can make their dreams of receiving a bachelor’s come true. Prior to the Dream Act, “the Supreme Court mandated that states provide illegal immigrants with access to K-12 education in public schools” (Mianecki, Par. 5) but there are currently no laws similar to the one mentioned that applied to colleges. Since the Supreme Court only assured illegal aliens education up to high school, the states have taken issues regarding college into their own hands. States achieve this by imposing their own laws and rules in college systems such as deciding who can attend public colleges and setting the cost of tuition.
Illegal aliens would need to work to pay college expenses but since they are illegal, there are not many jobs available besides those in the fields which are heavily labor intensive for full or part time college students. This is difficult work for adults let alone students who would have to worry about exams on top of financial issues. Nevertheless, illegal immigrants would have to endure this as having a job is critical for some college students because that is the only they can afford to pay either for their college expenses. Therefore, allowing them to become a permanent resident will enable them to put these troubles aside. The increase in job opportunities afforded by the green card will give illegal immigrants a chance to land a job that can help them pay for some of their college tuition and books. Not only will the...

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