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The Differences Between Ethics And Law

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DEFINITION OF ETHICS In general, ethics is a moral philosophy where a person makes a specific moral choice and sticks to it. On the other hand, ethics in computing means moral guidelines to refer to when using the computer and computer networks. This includes the Internet. DEFINITION OF LAW Law is a legal system comprising of rules and principles that govern the affairs of a community and controlled by a political authority. Law differs from one country to another. In the era of technology, computer law is needed to clarify goods or actions that fall under the computer law. Computer law refers to all areas in law that requires an understanding of computer technology such as hardware, software and Internet. Examples of laws of computing in Malaysia include the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Act, the Computer Crime Act 1997 and the Telemedicine Act ...view middle of the document...

If we do so, it is considered as violating an individual’s rights to privacy and confidentiality. Respect Property Property here means ownership. Since an individual data and information are considered as property, therefore, an act of tampering and changing electronic information is considered as vandalism and disrespect for other people’s property. SIMILARITIES BETWEEN ETHICS & LAW Both ethics and law are complimentary to each other and are made: • • • to guide user from misusing computers to create a healthy computer society, so that computers are used to contribute to a better life to prevent any crime

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN ETHICS AND LAWS ETHICS Guideline: As a guideline to computer users. Moral Standards: Ethical behaviour is judged by moral standards. Free To Follow: Computer users are free to follow or ignore the code of ethics. No Punishments: No punishment for anyone who violates ethics. Universals: Universal, can be applied anywhere, all over the world Produce Ethical Computer Users: To produce ethical computer users. Immoral: Not honouring computer ethics means ignoring the moral elements (immoral). LAW Control: As a rule to control computer users. Judicial Standards: Law is judged by judicial standards. Must Follow: Computer users must follow the regulations and law. Punishments: Penalties, imprisonments and other punishments for those who break the law. Depends On Country: Depends on country and state where the crime is committed. Prevent Misusing Of Computers: To prevent misuse of computers. Crime: Not honouring the law means committing a crime.

UNETHICAL VS LAW BREAKING CONDUCTS Unethical: • • • using the office computer to do personal things reading your friend’s e-mail without his or her permission plagiarising and using materials from the Internet for your class assignment without giving credit to the original author.

Law breaking: • • • sending a computer virus via e-mail hacking into your school’s database to change your examination results. selling pirated software in a night market

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