The Destruction Of Youth Essay

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November 3, 2013
The Destruction of Youth
Mom and Dad are sitting on the couch watching the television. The food on the table is more than enough for a family of two. Located somewhere in this home are two children. They have not been outside any time, since Friday afternoon after school. There have been all kinds of arguments since the day “it” arrived in this house. There have been many meals missed since “it” showed up. The children are back talking their parents, and missing their homework assignments resulting in falling grade point averages. Out of all of the possible causes, for all of these problems, the video game system is ...view middle of the document...

Most children play video games on a daily basis. Not many children go outside and play anymore. Sadly, many parents will allow their children to play video games nonstop until bedtime. Most children today spend more time playing video games than they spend reading or visiting with their families.
The lack of morals in today’s games is contributing to the destruction of the youth of the world. The first moral dilemma found in many games today involves some type of violence. “Increasing evidence suggests that exposure to violence in the medium of online games leads to an increase in perceived hostility and aggressive behavior.” (Yang) Whether the child is killing zombies, or running over someone with a car, at what age are they able to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Some people believe that the acts of violence in video games are encouraging deplorable actions in children. Violence in video games receives the blame for abuse among siblings and between family members. All too often, when a young person has shot and killed classmates at school their home life becomes the center of the investigation. Analyzing whether or not that child had access to violent video games is always a part of the investigation. In addition to the violence, sexual content is very relevant when discussing morality in video games. Some games out there today involve nudity, prostitution, and even violent rape scenes. The video game Grand Theft Auto is one such game that requires the gamer to participate in sexually simulated actions in order to renew their gaming life. Drug use is yet another moral issue being included in some games. Drug use can be found in direct play or cut scenes, but either way is not something that is safe for children to see. Cursing in some games is the norm. The rough language is something to avoid when it comes to the raising of the world’s youth. Drug use, sex, nudity, cursing, and violence are all things that are helping to destroy the youth of the world today. Video games are not the place for any of these things. On platforms marketing to children, avoiding all of these items is best.
The ease of access to mature games is one reason for the loss of today’s youth to video games. Walking into any retailer selling video games, cashiers...

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