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The Decline Of The Cbc Essay

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CBC, the great Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, nationally known as the main artery for its Canadian content and public broadcasting, which seeks to “inform, enlighten, and entertain” its audience (citizens in this case) about what the citizens themselves want to hear, and about what is in the viewers, or listeners best interest. However, as paradigms have shifted, does CBC actually still fully stand by its original mission to deliver quality Canadian content to its viewers, the Canadians, which they want to hear? The answer is no. CBC has derived from its original statement and the idea on what it was originally built on and this trend is slowly continuing. Based CBC’s current model and ...view middle of the document...

14). CBC is a public broadcasting network, why would it need to worry about having competitors if the corporation’s main goal is to deliver quality, Canadian content to its citizens? The answer is simple, if CBC uses the word “competitor” so freely; it means that CBC is competing with other networks from the private sector to maximize its audience and viewers (Simpson, 2009, para.14). To further examine this flaw, one of the CBC’s top shows, “The Hour” (recently renamed to “George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight”) will be further investigated. The Hour is a Canadian talk-show hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos. The Hour perfectly defines CBC’s current strategy to reel in as high of an audience as possible. The Hour is portrayed as a show which is trendy and sophisticated, however irrelevant to actual matters. The show is considered irrelevant to those who are considered “worthy” by Stursberg. In CBC’s meaning of worthy it ranges from leaders to decision makers to public figures. If top shows such as The Hour are seen as irrelevant by politicians and those who decide on CBC’s budget then the entire corporation may seem irrelevant translating to less sympathy for funds, since funding would lead to more irrelevant shows such as The Hour (Simpson, 2009, para. 22). The Hour does not provide any authentic, traditional content that the audience really cares about. A show like The Hour could easily operate on other television stations such as: MuchMusic or MTV due to the fact it does not provide anything unique and generates the same audience as said networks. The Hour targets the young-adults to middle-age people, specifically those who are not too concerned with public issues; but to those who might be viable target for advertisers (Simpson, 2009, para. 21). Based on a 2003 CBC valuation survey, the value for per household of CBC is roughly $5.03 per month. $3.70 or 74% is the own value of a respondent’s household having access to CBC, and the remaining 26% is the recognized value of other household’s having access to CBC. Over half of the respondents indicated that CBC offers them no use value whatsoever, and about three quarters stated that they obtain no value from having it available to other Canadians (Finn, McFayden, Hoskins, 2003, p. 187). If over half of the randomly selected households in Canada see no value in CBC programming, there is a huge problem; especially for a company which promises authentic and quality content to Canadians.
CBC has strong financial problems which occur at many different fronts. The CBC receives about $33 million a year per capita. The only country which provides less money per capita to its nationally financed broadcasting station is New Zealand. Australia provides about $45 million per capita, France and Ireland around $70 million, and the BBC in the United Kingdom over $125 million per capita (Simpson, 2009, para. 27). In 1990, CBC was receiving $400 million more dollars from Ottawa than it was in 2009 ($1.1...

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