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The Death Of The Paragraph Essay

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Engl 1201
Chapter Five Paper
November 1, 2013

The Death of the Paragraph
We live in a new world filled with technology including computers, cell phones and more. One of the most common forms of communication today is cell phone use. In “Rule of Thumbs: Love in the Age of Texting,” Natalie Moore talks about a serious relationship that she spent most of the communication texting. Before texting came along, talking on the phone was a lot more heartfelt. With the new inventions of email, texting, and instant messaging, it seems more and more people would rather just be a face behind a screen. No face to face interaction, or to even “hear” what your loved ones have to ...view middle of the document...

Parents will tell you they often find their kids doing homework, "Facebooking", "texting" and watching television all at the same time. While this does seem to sharpen their skills for multitasking, the interpersonal nature of text messaging has caused many young people to become more brazen about the things they say in text messages and post online. They will text things they might never say face to face. This has given rise to new social issues such as sexting and cyber bullying.
Another disturbing trend is the effect that text messaging is having on our written language. Text messaging is a forgiving system. Most text messages are limited to 160 characters, so in order to get your message across users frequently use common abbreviations and most rules of grammar and punctuation no longer apply. When we text, we ignore most of what we have learned about the English language. As we ignore what we have learned, we also tend to forget, and our language skills begin to degenerate. Many teachers today will tell you how they are finding more misspellings, punctuation errors and abbreviations on written school work than ever before. Most disturbing, is the growing number of traffic accidents caused by text messaging while driving. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 16% of all fatal crashes in 2008 were the result of driver distraction (Texting...

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