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The Dangers Of Facebook Essay

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Facebook is one of the most popular websites out there today, with over a billion active users, and over 100 billion hours spent on the website per month, it’s become arguably the biggest social media website ever. For some, it’s just a way to keep in touch with friends, but for others, its big business. In 2012, Facebook made over $5 billion in revenue, which isn’t too shabby for a free service. Of course, there are a lot of potential dangers to be had when dealing with Facebook. No website is perfect, and it’s important that people are away of the potential hazards that can be attributed to Facebook and the internet in general.
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Nobody really cared what the public could see. Luckily the demand for more privacy options has been something that the public has been pushing and Facebook has listened. You can’t really “Facebook stalk” people anymore because everybody’s profile is private by default. As safe as you may think you are, just by putting your information out there, it’s making you more vulnerable to those who would do you harm. Like I said, it’s getting better, but it can never be completely safe.
One of the more serious revenge effects that Facebook can have, especially for college students who will soon be out in the world looking for a job, is the fact that many employers will search for a potential employee’s profile and try to find anything that might be incriminating. This has a little bit in common with the privacy concerns that I talked about above, but employers don’t want to do you harm, they want to hire you. If you post questionable things on Facebook, they will see it and they will pass on you and move on to the next person. There was a big controversy fairly recently about some employers requiring employees to give them their Facebook passwords. In a case like this, it doesn’t matter what kind of security your profile has, or how private you make it. They can look at everything from the inside. Private messages, private photo albums, anything they want. Several states have banned the practice, and it’s greatly looked down upon but it still happens and there isn’t really much that anybody can do about it until more laws explicitly ban it. This is one that I think people tend to forget about. Everybody knows that it happens, but everybody forgets about it until they apply for a job and get rejected even though the interview seemed to go well. It’s one of those situations that can really only hurt you. Nothing that an employer could see on your Facebook page is really going to make them like you more, or make them more likely to hire you. At best, it’s going to be a situation where they don’t see anything, so it doesn’t count against you. Going along with the employers checking your page, it’s also common to see lawyers taking a look if you get into any kind of legal trouble. If you get arrested for drunk driving and your defense is that the breathalyzer wasn’t accurate and it malfunctioned, then the prosecutor goes on your Facebook page only to see an album of you doing shots with your buddies an hour or two before you got arrested, then chances are, you’re going to jail. It’s another one of those situations where it can only hurt you. This case especially, because often times it’s an album that...

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