The Curses Of Social Networking Essay

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The Curses of Social Networking
For the past couple of years, we all know that technology has become a big part of our lives and has also changed the way people communicate with each other. With technology being more advanced now, we have been brought about many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the list can go on. These social networking sites have allowed online users to post personal information on a profile and to bond with friends from anywhere around the world. Although this sounds like a great idea for all, it's actually becoming a huge issue for all online users who participate in the social networking sites and negatively affecting our society because ...view middle of the document...

Somehow though, it's not what she expected: it's wrong. She feels like there is nothing going right on these online social networks anymore. Harris shares in her blog that, "Nowadays it seems like there's a competition with sites on "Who can tear someone down the most" (Harris 1).The stories that are getting posted on these blogs are turning into dramas. People are constantly finding ways to write these horrible messages to others and sometimes just to turn something positive into negative.
Harris's next claim is instead of constantly bringing someone down and making their lives miserable, to use that energy for something more positive and productive instead. In this claim, she uses the opportunity of having fame to reach out to her fans so they can listen and improve the online cyber bullying world and change their ways. It would not only make one another's life more enhanced, but also to influence them. Random acts of kindness have been shown to improve one's day and make their life a little more bearable to live with. Also parents can have a huge impact to children getting cyber bullied or being the cyber bully. Many parents do not realize that their child is getting bullied or even being the one to bully others online. As a parent, it's very difficult to protect your children from the cyber bullying that happens on a daily basis. Harris feels very strongly about this online issue and says, "It's very sad that people just want to tear people down so bad just to see them unhappy. It's unbelievable how far people are willing to go to get people to come to their site” (Harris 1).
By the end of her blog, Harris shares a strong minded statement to those cyber bullies. "What about your family and kids? What do you think about them? You're definitely creating a harmful and volatile environment where they must learn to live. It's almost like you are cursing future generations with your bad energy... You better start doing some serious praying and rebuking, cause` only the Lord knows” (Harris 1)! After seeing how cyber bulling is causing issues for online users, let's take a look at how Beirut feels about health issues that go along with social networking sites.
It is said that social networking sites, in a huge extent, causes a health awareness for any stakeholder who uses it. In this article, Beirut argues that social networks are starting to cause psychological issues and disorders. She mentions seven psychological disorders that can occur from the over use of social networking sites, but the three main ones that stood out to me were depression, sleeping disorders, and sexual deviation. Many online users understand that social networking sites can cause damage to your health, but are they truly understanding the consequences? Beirut shows ways that these negative side effects are getting overlooked and shows other concerns and “mental stability negatively influenced by social media”(Beirut 1).
Depression is playing a huge role into...

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