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The Crood's Social Psychology Reflection Essay

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“The Croods will make it because we changed all the rules. The rules that kept us in the dark and because my Dad,
who taught us any one can change. From now on, we’ll stay out here where we can follow the light.” - Eep
That quote from the movie showed us how much the family has changed through time even though almost all throughout
the movie,the father was trying to cling to the idea that the only way for his family to survive is to follow the
rules, never to leave the cave at night, they must do all things together and live their life in fear in order to be safe.
Even though her daughter was relentess to follow the rules, ...view middle of the document...

In this case, the father's relentess to accept the change his family is slowly learning.

The character's that had a very opposing belief's schemas and judgements for me would be "grug" and "guy". Right
from the start their belief's and schemas would clash. Grug, is a very practical and safe person. He wanted nothing
but his family to be safe. In doing so, he kind of controlled his family and forgot to live life to the fullest.
While "guy" is a very adventurous and go with it kind of person. His the type of person that live's in the moment
and when the two characthers meet ofcourse their personalities would clashed. But in the end of the movie they we're
able to reconcile they're differences. Grug accepted the changes that he was so afraid to adapt and guy told grug
the real reason why he was so eager to "jumped on the sun and rode it to tomorrow". Because that was the last thing
his parent's told him right before they died. I could easily relate this to everyday life, just like in college.
Our blocks are made up of different type's of people. We have different belief's schemas and judgement. And most of
the time we tend to disagree on stuff's because we have different opinions but at the end of the day we still try
to reconcile. Another example would be my family, we have different interest me and my parent and siblings. Yes we
do fight, but at the end of the day we're still family and we tend to understand each other and respect each others
decision and opinions.

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