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The Core Essay

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The Core Reaction Paper
The Core is a 2003 science-fiction film wherein the world is about to encounter its impending doom because the Earth’s outer core is stalling. It is revealed by a geophysicist that if the liquid outer core stops rotating then the Earth’s electromagnetic field will collapse, making the Earth vulnerable to disintegration. The only way they can save the Earth was to somehow restart the activity in the outer core. To do so, a group of scientists and astronauts were formed. ...view middle of the document...

Watching a science fiction film was always tricky. For a viewer to enjoy a sci-fi film the narrative must at least be able to explain the scientific concepts in a simple, crystal clear manner – The Core’s script did perfectly well. Also, I recently acquired further knowledge about the Earth’s interior so I found myself having no difficulty understanding and acknowledging the geological facts in the story. Despite basic geological facts the film was also bombarded with a couple more of scientific concepts, which I must admit is hard to fully accept given that I have no appropriate or sufficient knowledge about such. But the film was entertaining enough to overlook such skeptical bits and besides, it’s a sci-fi flick after all.

The Core is basically a typical end-of-the-world Disaster film, and I guess Disaster films can either be slightly possible or highly unlikely to happen. Even so, these kinds of films always leave the viewer thinking “What If?”. And for this movie’s case, it left me asking: What if this scenario is possible? The Core left me wondering about what could truly be there inside the Earth and will we ever know or should we ever find out? The Core allowed me to be...

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