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The Color Of Fear Essay

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The film shown in class, The Color of Fear, featured a focus group of men representing multicultural America, who held an open and often frank discussion of racial issues in the United States. Among the many topics and issues mentioned included the notion of White over Black, or persons of color. Closely related to this is White Supremacy and White Privilege. Other things mentioned by the participants include: being invisible, disregarded, ignored, ...view middle of the document...

To me he summed up the saying “ignorance is bliss”. He seemed to come from a world where in his mind, equal opportunity was everywhere and he felt very strong about the best person for the job should be the one that gets it based on qualifications not skin color. In actuality, the world outside his own small town was quite the opposite. Minorities that he would consider a friend and look at the same as he would a white person where getting treated bad in some cases and would have to deal with the “white man” always trying to get him down. Working in a job that is culturally diverse, what made me think closer about my everyday events is that how good it is to be able to live in an environment where I don’t have to worry about the color of my skin being a hindrance or a negative effect on me being able to perform my job or even getting one.

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