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The Chocolate House Essay

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The influential members of London’s elite society in the seventeenth – century viewed the consumption of hot chocolate and later solid chocolate treat that were sold in upscale boutiques as a sign of being prestigious. While doing the same time period America settlers pioneered were developing cheaper chocolate bars for consumption to the masses. Centuries passed, and in the 19th hundreds America pioneers grown tired of the taste of mass production chocolate and desired the taste of prominent chocolate. In 1911 Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges, whose named in honor of the matriarch of the Mars Family was founded with her husband Frank entered the chocolate market despite only a 3% growth in the ...view middle of the document...

The fact that a lot of emphasis was placed on the décor and ambiance for Ethel’s as well as premium chocolates, sets the tone for this venue to be above average and geared towards a specific clientele, one that is willing to invest in such a purchase.
There are several factors that will motivate the consumer to spend time and buy chocolates at Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge. Age and the environment of the establishment are two key factors. The quiet, cozy, laid back setting may not be attractive to a younger more vibrate crowd that is looking for the upbeat setting. A younger group, such as college students or recent graduates, also will not be able to indulge in Ethel’s because of their financial state or lack thereof. A younger working professional would be more inclined to frequent Ethel’s and see it as on avenue to network and interact with others in their social circle. They will find the atmosphere attractive and convenient as both an investment in their professional and social life. Beliefs and attitudes will also help to motivate the consumer.
Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges offers an experience that is appealing to the self-esteem needs and social needs of its customers according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs (Lamb, 2010). The customers of Ethel’s will equate the experience and being able to indulge in such a fine product with attaining a social status. The hip and classy environment that Ethel’s offers is ideal for the mover and shaker who is wanting or...

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