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The Middle Times
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One of these robberies turned out to be a pretty frightening event for one couple. A husband and wife on North Brighton drive in northern Anglo were both robbed in the late night on March 9th. According to the husband, his wife was busy in the kitchen, singing and doing house work when a strong wind blew open the back door. The husband commanded his wife to go shut the door. After a long feud the husband and wife agree that the next person to speak must close the door. Leaving the door open in the dead of night to prove a point will turn out to be a pretty bad situation. Sometime around midnight, two thieves, dressed in grey cloakes and stone shoes, let themselves in through the door. The two thieves let themselves have at her newly made pudding. The husband and wife, sitting on the couch listening to old songs, in pure amazement of what was taking place. With neither one wanting to loose or coward out of the deal, they sat back and let this ordeal take place. About ten minutes later, one of | these cruel thieves threatens to rape the wife. This caused the wife to go into pure panic, while still not wanting to loose or back out of the deal. After starting to realize that his wife in under a real threat, he finally looses his cool and tells them, “You ate all of my pudding and you are threatening to rape my wife!? I will kill each one of you!” After this, the wife tells her husband, “you lost, go shut the door”. In this case, readers, make sure to start shutting your doors and pleasing your husband and wife. | |

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