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The Cause And Effect Blood Donation

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Meskerem B. Alemu


Cathy G.Para
April 25, 2013


Donating blood is one of a voluntary and interesting people they can doing at the minimum age of starting from 15 and above, and especially the youngest people involved in voluntary activities, it takes just a few time and noting affect by any donor person health.
It is a great deal of emphasis placed on helping others in high school and different organization. Example, many schools require students to perform volunteering in various activities prior to graduation, the one activities is to donated blood, And in ...view middle of the document...

In addition, they should give enough lecture, guidelines and positive image of blood donation that couldn’t hurt healthy people whenever they donate blood. Addressed the media
This awareness could be addressed through different communication tools like printed media, broadcast media, websites using Internets, etc. The result of these efforts encourages and makes individuals volunteer to donate blood all over the world. The following can be taken as an awareness sample.

Collection Processes
From the point of view of the above idea, a blood donation occurs when a person voluntarily has blood drawn and used for transfusions and/or made into bio pharmaceutical medications by a process called fractional (separation of whole-blood components)( Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). Donation may be of whole-blood (WB) or of specific components directly. Through this process, blood banks often play a great role in the collection process as well as the procedures that follow it. Even though these can mostly occur at a blood bank, they are also set up at a location in the community such as a shopping center, workplace, school, or house of worship. This blood collection kept in the blood bank as well as the other suitable position in order to serve individuals who need blood transfusions with in the country or round the world.
The effect of blood donation advertisement
In a general token, blood donation advertisement is highly crucial for the successful production of the desired effect of donators. According to the (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), in the developed world, most blood donors are unpaid volunteers (voluntary non remunerated repeat donations, VNRD) who donate blood for a community supply. In poorer countries, established supplies are limited and donors usually give blood when family or friends need a transfusion (directed donation). Many donors donate as an act of charity, but some are paid and in some cases there are incentives other than money such as paid time off from work. Donors can also have blood drawn for their own future use (autologous donation) (Ibid).
As a public relation, in addition, we might forward our objective in different ways in order to get what we want to obtain. For example, according to the given situation, professionals on the field might advertise that blood donation is one part of the crucial aspect that citizen should contribute for their people who need blood for survival. Ahmed Badar etal(2013) said, “The voluntary unpaid blood donation is a humanitarian act towards the sick by the healthy. No transfusion service can survive without blood donors. The wellbeing and health of the blood donors is of prime importance for the medical profession. A lot has been discovered and written about protection of the recipients from the potential hazards of blood transfusion.” Moreover, they pointed that the need for blood is great. On any given day, approximately 32,000 units of Red Blood Cells are needed.


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