The Call Of Moses Essay

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The Call of Moses
(Exodus 3: 1-22, 4: 1-17)

Historical Background for the Passage:
The book of Exodus is the crucial Old Testament book concerning Israel's beginning and early years as a nation. The Exodus, meaning way out or departure, is the impressive liberation of the Israelites from enslavement in Egypt, under the guidance of Moses. Throughout Exodus we are introduced to a God who is the Lord and Savior of his people. Exodus covers a crucial period in Israel's early history as a nation. Most conservative scholars believe the Hebrews left Egypt about 1440 B.C. Some believe it took place much later, around 1280 B.C. About two-thirds of the book describes Israel's experiences during the two years after this date (Sanford, 1996). This was the period when Israel traveled through the wilderness toward Mt. Sinai, and received instructions from ...view middle of the document...

Moses has fears that no one will believe him, and expresses his doubts to God. God then reassures Moses that he will succeed and that the Israelites will believe that he has been sent by God the Almighty. Moses is still reluctant to go to Egypt, in spite of God’s assurance; so God demonstrates miraculous acts by turning Moses’ stick into a snake, and his skin to leprosy. God also promises that if the Israelites still do not believe him that he should take water from the Nile, pour it into the sand and it will turn to blood. Even after these events, Moses is still reluctant and tells God that he is “slow of speech and tongue” (Exodus 4: 10). God promises to be with Moses and will help him to speak and give him the words to say.
These chapters are more than just the account of a life-changing incident in the life of one man; however, it is a crucial turning point in the history of the nation of Israel. The burning bush marks the beginning of God’s direct intervention into the affairs of history. It is the basis for the call of Moses to return to Egypt as Israel’s deliverer. It is the beginning of the end of Egyptian oppression, the burning bush made not only an impact upon Moses and the people of Israel, but it also served as one of the key happenings in history.
How this Relates to Our World:
I believe that Christians today have the same calling to free God’s people from the bondage of sin by introducing them to the power of the scripture. Some Christians today make excuses for not spreading the Gospel and witnessing to others and have a direct comparison to the excuses that were given by Moses as he was afraid of the Israelites not listening to him, of being ridiculed and also of the fear of failure.


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