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The Business Enviroment Essay

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Executive Summary
Business environment is very important to an organisation which will help the firm to identify opportunities and getting the first mover advantage. Besides that, it can also improve performance of an organisation. This report is going to identify all the factors that helps the business run efficiently. First of all, this will understand the purpose for a range of business types (e.g. sole trader, limited company, business partnership and many more). Then will identifies and justifies how objectives evolve, and how they are influenced by the various stakeholders. Find techniques which will enable the business to cope with the environment in which they operate. And in ...view middle of the document...

Introduction to the businesses
The three businesses that I have chosen from the different types of organisation are: from the public sector, the Oasis Dental Care; from the private sector Tesco and from a local business Peri Peri Grill.
Oasis Dental Care
Figure 1: Growth at Oasis (Oasis Dental Care Annual Report,2013, electronic source).

Figure 1: Growth at Oasis (Oasis Dental Care Annual Report,2013, electronic source).

Oasis runs 202 sites throughout the United Kingdom with over 830 dentists and 1990 staff delivering high quality dentistry across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, with over 2.5 million patients visits in the year. Their focus in the last financial year has been on maintaining progress in our existing estate and they are now well placed to grow through acquisitions and mergers, where their market continues to offer many opportunities.
Tesco was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen from a market stall in London’s East End. Over the years, the business has grown and now operates in 12 countries around the world, employ over 530,000 people and serve tens of millions of customers in a week. Today Tesco focuses on doing the right thing for our customers, colleagues and the communities they serve.
Peri Peri Grill
Peri Peri Grill is a small business started their trade in 2013 with the owning of the Piri Piri Franchise. They are one of the best Fast Food takeaways in Bristol with tasty and fresh food. They have no more than 10 staff in their organisation but the few they have are excellent trained, polite and friendly with all customers. They focus on the quality of the food so people come back to their store.
Types of businesses
There are different types of organisations for e.g. private, public, limited, partnership, voluntary, sole trader, social enterprise etc. The purposes of those organisations are not the same. Public sector is owned and run by the government for the people. People pay tax to the government and this money is used to finance most of the public sectors. The main purpose of public sectors organisations is to provide essential public services and to use resources well for the benefit of the community as Oasis Dental care does. Private organisations are owned and run by private individuals and stakeholders. Examples of private sector businesses are franchises (e.g. Peri Peri Grill and Tesco) according to Palmer and Hartley (2009, p.490) rather than setting up its own operations in an overseas market, a company can license a local company to manufacture and sell a product in the local market, private companies, partnership and sole traders. Purpose of private sector organisations are making profit, growing their business, increasing market share and maximize sales.
Importance of setting objectives in businesses
Figure 1: The Importance of Setting Objectives in Business (Essaywow, 2014, electronic source).

Figure 1: The Importance of Setting Objectives in Business (Essaywow, 2014,...

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