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The Bluest Eye Essay

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The Bluest Eye Essay (2nd Draft)

Ms. Morrison divides her novel “The Bluest Eye“ into four seasons by making use of motives of her own life. The desire for communicating and sharing aspects with the reader develops a real and identifiable story. But, the reader will only receive knowledge about character perspectives and time frames piece by piece. In order to develop Pecolas fortune to a dramatic climax, she let’s the nature act against her, too. Furthermore, various techniques are used that make the text narratively rich, which leads to a style that contributes towards the dramatic plot action.

A lot of what makes The Bluest Eye such capable is the use of special techniques that ...view middle of the document...

This allows us to understand and perceive the racial issues of that time compared to the situation in the 20th century. Ms. Morrison demonstrates that North America is not cleaned from the racial issues of the past and that people should not think these problems are solved at all. The readers receive this information from inclusive, less-educated people who get the opportunity to tell their own experience in their own language. For example during Paulines story the narration starts of with the 3rd person omniscent, but it suddenly changes to an insight into Paulines personal thoughts and feelings.

In terms of dialect and tone it is easier to identify with the story due to a more realistic and reproducibe telling of the story. To return to the narrative technique of using flashbacks, Morrison was able to explain the falling in love from Cholly and Pauline, to show that innocence and a desire for sexuality are important theme’s in her novel. The repitions also help to remind the reader of important actions which are relevant to the plot. But, Toni Morrison was also able to use this kind of repition as message to the reader in a personal way. Whereas parts where information is given quickly like the scene with Pecola having her first period, Morrison describes it quickly according to the real life time. There are also scenes that are described in large detail and vivid descriptions, for example when Cholly and Pecola meet. The effect of using so much detailed information to the action allows the reader a way deeper understanding. Sometimes you might be able to call this novel poetry, because creating such suspense and harsh feelings, using fragmented narritive, juggling with the chronology of the event around very serious social issues can certainly be considered as art.

The novel is divided into four seasons while the plot does not correlate towards what a reader would...

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