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The Blue Planet Essay

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James E. Mack
Dr. Claybon

Upon my arrival to “The Blue Planet” I could see that the inhabitants were advanced in
their own ways. Large groups of people worked together to maintain their own personal
societies. Although all the members of each group shared culture, not everyone shared the same
religion. Without communicating to the inhabitants it would seem as though they didn’t have a
specific religion. Various groups perform their own practices. While some groups gather in beautiful buildings and listen to one read from a book, others kneel in front of decorative statues, close their eyes and mumble to themselves.
It seems that the creatures of “The Blue Planet” try to build a ...view middle of the document...

In the larger parts of this planet an individual somehow prospers from the downfall of others, instead of working together for the improvement of the whole. At first I thought this aspect must be missing from their religion, to help a fellow being. Or it can simply be determined that religion is not as important to these creatures as it is to us.
As I continued down to the smaller areas of land and was then surprised. In these areas they do not have much but they seem happier. They smile even when there is barely enough for them to survive. I witnessed a female take something from her pocket and give it to a male who appeared to be less fortunate than her.

From this and other similar occurrences I believe this planets religion whatever it may be, is taken more seriously by these few individuals. They truly understand the concept, it’s not what possessions we have in this life, it is how we live among one another. The beings belonging to the smaller areas give thanks daily and show appreciation to whomever they believe is blessing them, It may be because they never know when their last day may be. They treat everyone they come into contact with love and respect.
The small areas on “The Blue Planet” use religion as we here on Pluto do. We all practice the faith of our great ancestors. We dedicate certain hours of our day to giving thanks and showing gratitude for what we have, knowing that through our gratefulness we will be blessed with more. The laws of our planet are the same of those from our religion which we make sure to abide by and if anyone deviates from the sacred teachings it may cost them their life depending on the severity.

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