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The Best Gift Essay

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Gift is defined as the transfer of something from a one to another person without the expectation of a payment from the receiver. The idea of gifts is to make others happier or to erase sadness from their face. This essay will include the reasons of giving a gift, the anniversaries that’s required a gift and how I felt about a gift that I received.

First, gifts are a wonderful thing. It makes relationships get fonder and ease the pain. Gifts could be given for forgiveness or a way to show kindness. Also, it motivates people to achieve their ...view middle of the document...

There are many anniversaries that`s required a gift. For example, my sister has got married, I bought for her a beautiful necklace and then she got pregnant and gave birth to a little angel, so I gave her a little lovely dress for her daughter to show how much am happy to be an uncle. Also, graduation from high school is a huge thing towards a one future. Therefore, every person graduate from high school, his family blows a nice party for him and he receives a lot of nice gifts from the people who loves him. My dad got me the best gift ever, it was a car.

Third, by the age of 18, a guy dream is to have a nice car. Therefore, I spent a lot of time in the last year of high school to make good grades. Finally, the year has been over and I got my certificate with great GPA and got my dream car that I was promised to have from my dad. But the greatest gift I have been given is certificate that will help make more progress in my future.

Finally, gifts are a clever way to show how much you appreciate friends and family members. It could be given in a lot of anniversaries to add a flavor of forgiveness or kindness. Gifts could be a great element of motivating people to do the work they need to do. A one could also give himself gifts by focusing on the things that make his future brighter.

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