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The Benefits Of Playing Scrabble Essay

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Scrabble is a board game usually played by two up to four persons where each take turns in forming words from letter tiles which are chosen randomly. Playing scrabble is a good way to expand vocabulary skills as well as practice spelling. In addition to simply forming words, the game has a point system which determines who wins the game. Each letter has a corresponding point where commonly used letters are worth 1 point while the least used gives a whopping 10 points. When a player forms a word and places the tiles ...view middle of the document...

This point system also practices a player's skills in addition, multiplication, as well as subtraction. Scrabble also encourages a person to read books. Since this game relies on words, a players has to learn new words by reading the dictionary, thesaurus, and other books. This, in turn, allows a person to unconsciously broaden their minds and horizons. Scrabble is also a social game, meaning it can only be enjoyed when played by two or more persons. This allows the players to also hone their social skill; forming relationships with other people and enjoying the company of others. Families that play scrabble and other board games together form closer bonds and encourage healthy competition among family members. Flexibility is another benefit derived from playing this game as the players will also learn to react to situations that are brought about by the other person. Because scrabble does not have a set difficulty, players from the age of 7 and above can play the game. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can still enjoy playing scrabble and hone your skills.

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