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The Balance Between Population And Resources

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-An ageing population pyramid has narrow base showing low birth rate, a bulge in the above 65 age group showing an ageing population and a wide apex showing large amounts of people living longer. This a representation of a stage 5 population pyramid.
-An ageing population pyramid has narrow base showing low birth rate, a bulge in the above 65 age group showing an ageing population and a wide apex showing large amounts of people living longer. This a representation of a stage 5 population pyramid.
The Balance between Population and Resources
-Japan 0-14 = 13.2, 15-64 ...view middle of the document...

Average healthcare costs do rise with age, but the cost of this trend could be significantly offset by people becoming healthier. Retired people continue to pay income tax and other taxes. Health costs tend to be compressed into the last years or even months of life.
-A youthful population has a very wide base showing a high birth rate, steep sides showing a high death rate and a very narrow apex showing a low life expectancy .This diagram represents a stage 2 country.
-A youthful population has a very wide base showing a high birth rate, steep sides showing a high death rate and a very narrow apex showing a low life expectancy .This diagram represents a stage 2 country.
-The state pension system transfers resources from the current generation of pensioners. As the population has aged the level of resource transfer required has increased. The system cannot be sustained in the future without significant change.
- Niger 0-14 = 49.0, 15-64 = 48.8, 65+ = 2.2 (%)
-Uganda 0-14 = 49.1, 15-64 = 48.4, 65+ = 2.5 (%)
-Mali 0-14 = 47.2, 15-64 = 50.6, 65+ = 2.2 (%)
-The working population is reduced by migration to more developed countries like people from Africa migrating to Dubai, particularly those with skills. There may be few relatives to act as carers due to migration and deaths from illness like AIDS so the cost of care for the elderly will rise.

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