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The article by Carol Wolf, “What If They Built a Toll Road and No One Came?” (AN: 63168833), is about the public Indiana toll road being sold to a private corporate investment group in the hopes that it would ease the financial debt of the state. According to the abstract accompanying the article,
“The article discusses the Indiana Toll Road, which is managed by a group of corporate investors instead of the state of Indiana. The road, which was funded by Cintra Concesiones de Infraestructuras de Transporte and Macquarie Infrastructure Partners, was once held up as an example of public-private partnerships, but has not made enough profit in the five years since the deal was made to pay back the companies' initial bid. These poor ...view middle of the document...

This deal ultimately put a victory in the hands of the state and the taxpayers of Indiana. This saved the state millions of dollars in funds that would have been needed to spend on the toll road to keep it in working condition for the millions of drivers that actually do use the road.
Public-private partnerships occur all of the time and can either work against or for the people of that particular state. State officials make decisions regarding such deals in order to alleviate some of the debt that the state has incurred. This particular article is just one that shows how public-private partnerships can happen in any capacity and can either benefit the taxpayers or can financially hurt the taxpayers. Not all public-private partnerships work out in favor of the state and the taxpayers. In either case, the state officials where the partnership occurs is trying to do what it can to ensure that more financial debt does not befall the state which could in turn possibly raise taxes or impose other fees for the taxpayers.
The project will show some instances where public-private partnerships have worked very well and some cases where these partnerships have ended up not being the greatest decision made. State officials are ultimately taking a chance that the deal they are striking with the private investment companies will be for the best and will work in favor of the state and its taxpayers. Sometimes it is just necessary to sit back, wait and watch to see how successful, or not, such a partnership can be for the individuals that these deals will ultimately affect.

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