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The Arena Essay

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"The Arena" is a short story written by Martin Golan. I am going through this task to analyze and interpret this text. The text sheds light on several different areas. This means that the text comes in on topics, such as nervousness, stress, discomfort, family, children, etc. In rough outline deals with text around a father who has promised her that drive him over to an arena where ice hockey is played. The majority of the novel takes place in the car where the danger and the son sit and talk and discuss how far they will achieve it or not. For the son's point of view, it is not a disaster, whether they reach it or not, but in the father's heart, it is different. But getting through the text ...view middle of the document...

He would like you to come forward with good spirits, and that they reach it. To look at the emotional in this short story, seen it already on p. 1 (from the short story) l. 37-38, to the father in the past have had a different life, with a different wife and a different child, named Willie "Before the life i have now i had another life, with a different women, and we also had a child, a boy named Willie. I was a good life. " I would think that this statement shows that he is as I described before, that he misses his old life. The sentence also includes a if sort of contrast. This makes it applicable, stating that he in this sentence is talking about his past life, as well as how much it meant for him. And in short stories present, he has a new baby, with a new wife. There is therefore a contrast, as he mentions his old happy life versus his new depressing life. Looking at the title of the short story "The Arene", gives this title also good sense, in relation to the narrative. In the text it is clear that the father is thinking of an arena as a life Act. An example of this might as well be on the page. 2 l. 69 "When Willie...

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