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The 4 Ps For Boston Beer

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Marketing Program
Product Strategy
Product Line. According to The Boston Beer Company’s 2012 Annual Report, they are the largest craft beer in the United States. They sold over fifty different beers under the Samuel Adams brand, ten flavored malt beverages under the Twisted Tea brand, five hard cider beverages under the Angry Orchard brand, and five beers under Alchemy & Science (2). The suggested retail price depends on each product.
Product Quality. Boston Beer Company employed over fifteen brew masters to monitor, operate, and control the production of its beers and ciders. In order to ensure the quality flavor of each brand, each product is tested, tasted, and evaluated to meet the Company’s standards. The Company includes on each product a clear and legible “Freshness” label to ensure their customers that they are enjoying the freshest beer. They use sufficient quantities of ingredients which ...view middle of the document...

For example, a six pack of one of Samuel Adams’ seasonal products has a suggestive retail price of about $8.00 to $9.00, but if sold individually, could cost anywhere between $2.00 - $6.00 depending where it is sold (1).
Promotional Strategy
In order to maintain the freshness and quality of The Boston Beer Company’s products, they started their “Freshest Beer Program” with the domestic wholesalers in 2010. The Freshest Beer Program’s goal is to provide better on-time service, forecasting, production planning, and cooperation with the wholesalers with reducing their inventory. With the Freshest Beer Program this ensures the customer the quality product that Boston Beer’s standard requires (2).
The Boston Beer Company employed about 330 people in 2012 for their sales force. Their sales force was designed to develop and strengthen relations with distributors. They provide educational programs and promotional programs to embody their product to retailers, distributors, and the individual drinker. These people maintain a high level of product knowledge and are trained in all aspects of the brewing and selling process. They usually carry samples of their hops, barley, and other sample ingredients to educate the wholesalers and retail buyers of the quality and taste of their products (2).
The Boston Beer Company also uses media campaigns in television, radio, billboards and prints, and social media for their promotional strategy. They complement their promotions with sponsorships of cultural and community events, beer festivals, trade shows, local promotional events in order to stimulate sales and continued awareness of their quality product (2).
Place (Distribution) Strategy
The Boston Beer Company sells most of their products within the United States, however they do distribute to Canada, Europe, Israel, the Caribbean, the Pacific Rim, and Mexico. The Company distributes their products through about 340 wholesalers which then distributes to retailers such as pubs, restaurants, grocery, convenience stores, packaging stores, stadiums, and other retail outlets where the products are sold to drinkers (2).

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