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Texting And Driving Essay

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Sitting behind the wheel in heavy traffic the cell phone goes off.
Immediately upon hearing the tone of the text message a person begins
to think that it could be a friend wanting to tell them something
important or it could be their mom wanting to tell them something is
wrong. It does not look like the heavy traffic is going to move too
fast while at the same time knowing it will only take a few seconds to
respond to the text message, they do. Before a person realizes what is
going on, the car in front of them stops too fast causing an accident.
There should be more done about texting while behind the wheel because
it is very dangerous, texting is known to cause accidents even ...view middle of the document...

It seems that time is
escaping as everything is moving at a much faster pace.
Many people get in traffic accidents due to the use of cell phones
while driving and teenagers are the ones who text the most. Teenagers
need to pay the careful attention the most as texting stops them from
being one hundred percent safe when behind the wheel. There are many
other distractions around us such as distractions on the roadside,
children in the backseat, so do we really want to add more
distractions by allowing texting while behind the wheel to carry on?
As stated in the article per Tassel and Floyd-Bann (2012), there are
new high tech systems being made that aim at preventing teenage
drivers to stop texting and using their cell phones while behind the
wheel (p. 10). Studies have shown that teenagers who get behind the
wheel are more vulnerable to distractions (Tassel & Floyd-Bann, 2012,
p. 10).
These new high-tech systems being made are available to block in-car
cell phone usage which stops the driver from using the cell phone
while driving (Tassel & Floyd-Bann, 2012, p. 10). As stated in the
article, this high-tech system would prevent teenage drivers from
making, receiving calls, sending and receiving text messages, using
the Internet as well as being able to access email messages (Tassel &
Floyd-Bann, 2012, p. 10). The newly developed system has one exception
which is being able to call a number that has been entered in the

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