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Textbooks Not Texting Essay

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Textbooks, Not Texting

Cell phones in school have been a debated topic worldwide for the last decade. The question everyone asks is, “Should cell phones be allowed in school?” Personally I think cell phones are fantastic devices that people should have to communicate with each other. However, many people misuse the purpose of their cell phones. Therefore the cell phones should not belong in schools.
There are many advantages and disadvantages of owning a cell phone. However, many students who own cell phones use them for the wrong reasons. Cells phones should not be allowed within schools to be used by students because they cause distractions, provoke cheating, and can be used for ...view middle of the document...

With the internet being available to students with the click of a button, students will be able to socialize about rumors, gossip and etc. Mobile internet provides them with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Hotmail at the palm of their hands. It will also provide them with instant messaging like MSN and BlackBerry Messenger. Statistics show that 57% of teens view their cell phone as the key to their social life.
As technology continues to grow it gets more sophisticated and complex. Students nowadays are devising ingenious ways to cheat on tests with the help of their cell phones. Cheating on tests has occurred even before the invention of the cell phone. As time has gone by, cheating in classrooms has increased with the invention of the cell phone and has become more frequent. Students use their cell phones to cheat on tests by texting each other answers. This is the main way that students cheat using their cell phones. However, students continue to come up with new clever ways such as photographing their notes and viewing the photographed notes during their tests and exams. Just as I mentioned before students will use the internet capabilities of their cell phones to search and obtain answers without learning for themselves. In a survey that was recently conducted many participants stated that one of the main purposes that students bring cell phones to school is to cheat on tests by texting each other. Statistics show that 35% of students admitted have cheated on tests using their cell phones and in a separate survey, over half the students surveyed, admitted to using the internet from their phones to cheat in some way. Cheating rates continue to go up an up and up as the years go by. Some schools, such as St. Mary's College, a high school in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario have banned cell phones and digital media players altogether because of their cheating uses.
Illegal Uses
Today cell phones are used by billions of people all around the world. Years ago when the cell phone was first invented, no one would have thought that this small device would revolutionize society. With the invention of the cell phone, people were able to communicate and socialize with each other. As time went on the cell phone was upgraded and equipped with handy features. One of the most used cell phone feature is the camera. These days, with all their high tech features,...

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