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Testing Intelligence Essay

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-Did you feel the results were accurate?
My score was a 101, which indicated that my intellectual level is normal. This must be right because just like anyone else I like to think that I am highly intelligent but when you think about it I only know what I have been taught. Since I received my GED there were a lot of ...view middle of the document...

I ended up taking this one math class for three years straight.
-Was the test biased in any way?
I do not believe that this test was biased in any way. I think that this test tested me in many aspects of intelligence and my score reflected on that. In order for this test to be biased it would have to persuade me towards a certain point and this test did not do anything like that.
-How do you feel about these types of scores being used to compare you with another person? Please explain.
I like it when I am compared to other people when taking this type of test. I like competition and when I see my scores against other people I like to come out on top. I am a very competitive person and when I do well I feel accomplished. Doing so also helps me to build my self-esteem and makes me feel like I can do anything.

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