Test Transactions Essay

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1. Cash advance made by employees
a. Request of cash advance
b. Preparation of check
c. Payment made by employee as deduction from payroll

2. Cash advance made by consultants
d. Request of cash advance
e. Preparation of check
f. Payment made by consultants as deduction from work performed

3. Billing statement named to company
g. Receipt of billing statement
h. Preparation of check
i. Receipt of OR

4. Billing statement named to individual
j. Receipt of billing statement
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Receipt of sales invoice
t. Preparation of check
u. Receipt of delivered items
v. Receipt of CR
w. Return of goods to suppliers
x. Receipt of returned/replaced goods

8. Sales Invoice named to individual
y. Receipt of sales invoice
z. Preparation of check
{. Receipt of delivered items
|. Receipt of CR
}. Return of goods to suppliers
~. Receipt of returned/replaced goods

9. Reimbursement of employees
. Receipt of sales invoice
. Receipt of request for payment
. Preparation of check
. Release of check

10. Lawyer’s and accountant’s billing statement
. Receipt of billing statement
. Preparation of check
. No OR issued

11. Hotel reservation
. Receipt of payment request for reserve hotel
. Preparation of check
. Deposit of payment to hotel
. Receipt of OR/AR

12. Business tax bill
. Receipt of business tax bill
. Preparation of check
. Receipt of OR

13. Separation pay
. Receipt of summary of last pay
. Preparation of check
. Release of check

14. Renovation of rooms
. Request of mobilization fee
. Receipt of OR for materials used. No w/tax deducted but SI named to company
. Request of final payment for labor and materials

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