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Test Critique Essay

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I. General Information
College Adjustment Scale (CAS) by William D. Anton, PhD and James R. Reed, PhD in 1991, published by Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc. (PAR) USA.
II. Test Description
* Test Content
The College Adjustment Scale provide measure of psychological distress, relationship, conflict, low self-esteem, academic and career choice difficulties. The test has multidimensionality construct because it measures almost all problems by college students based on the analysis presented by college counselling centres, which are : Anxiety (AN) a measure of clinical anxiety focusing on common affective, cognitive and physiological symptoms, Depression (DP) a measure of ...view middle of the document...

Erikson (1963) Identity vs. Role confusion is also one of the theoretical framework that formed this test because he conceived of the struggle to achieve mature intimacy and to avoid isolation as the central task of young adulthood.
* Purpose of Test
The test is to or can reveal areas of adjustment difficulties that may unconsciously rejected by relying solely on interview data or on students presenting complaints. The CAS was standardized and validated for use with college and university students.
* Test Structure
CAS has a four-page item booklet which is composed of 108 statements.
* Test Administration
The test can be administered in either individual or group testing situations. The testing environment should be relatively quiet, free from distraction, and adequately illuminated. When administering the CAS to group of students, the testing environment should not comprise the confidentiality of the students responses. Unlike other tests CAS can be administered by individuals who do not have formal training in clinical psychology, counselling psychology or related fields. However in terms of giving training to individuals who administers CAS, it should be given by a qualified psychologist, in terms of scoring according to American Psychological Association, (1985) to keep the standards for educational and psychological testing, interpreting CAS scores requires graduate training in clinical psychology, counselling or educational psychology.
* Test Scoring
In occasions that a students fails to respond on all of the test items, the test scorer will place an asterisk next to the item number, after all unanswered items and place an asterisk next to the item number. Once all unanswered items have been marked, count the number of asterisk and enter this sum in the space labelled Total Missing located at the bottom of the answer sheet. If total Missing is equal to or greater than 22, the CAS should be considered invalid. If it is less than 22, proceed with scoring. In calculating raw scale scores, each column on the answer sheet corresponds to a scale on the CAS. Locate the column at the extreme left of the answer sheet. Within this column, add the circled item scores. Enter the raw score in the space labelled AP at the bottom of the column. Use an analogous procedure to calculate and record the raw scores for the remaining scales. Prorating, in cases where the students has not respond to every item, a scale score may be calculated by prorating. If only one or two items within a column are blank, multiply the sum of the answered items by 12/11 or 12/10, respectively, and round to the nearest whole number. Enter this prorated raw score in its location at the bottom of the column, and place the score in parentheses to indicate that it was calculated by prorating. If more than two items within a column are blank, a score for that scale should not be derived. The CAS profile area is located on the back side of the answer sheet....

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