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Overview – This is a short guide to show you how to share your computer screen and control with someone else. You will need to be connected through VPN for this to work. This process will be easier if you are connected at an XTO office or Field Site with a wireless connection, however it will work while tethered or at home.
Step 1 – Open Communicator and a Conversation Window
The first step begins by opening up Microsoft Office Communicator. First you will expand the tray by clicking the small up arrow in the bottom right. Then you will double-click the Communicator ...view middle of the document...

Once the conversation window is open, you are ready to begin sharing your computer’s screen and control.
Please Note: If an IT support personnel contacts you to assist you in some way, they will initiate the conversation with you, so that all steps prior to this, they will take care of. You will only see the conversation window on the right. Keep an eye out for the flashing orange square on the bottom of the screen indicating that they are attempting to contact you.

Step 2 – Share Your Screen
To begin a sharing session, you will need to first share your screen so that the other person is able to see what is going on. Some issues might be able to be resolved simply through seeing the issue that you see.

You will see a green border around your entire screen, showing the area that is viewable by the other person. At the center of the top, you should see the box showing who is currently controlling the mouse and keyboard.

Step 3 – Granting Control
To give the other party control over your computer, you will select the down arrow next to your name at the top of the screen, and then select their name as shown below.

When they have control, you will see that the “In Control” box will change to their name.

To end their control, or the entire sharing session at any time, hit the red X next to the “In Control” box.

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