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Tesco Plc Essay

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Describe how the cinema can use market
Market Research Report

To: AMK Line manager
From: Emmanuel Umana (Marketing Consultant)
Date: 17/12/13
Ref: STU/AMK/Unit3

1.0 Terms of reference
I work for a professional organization for marketers. One of the activities that the organization undertakes is to evaluate the marketing activites of different companies and produce a list of ‘A’ – classed marketers.
2. 0 Findings
This is the largest section and contains most of your information. In it, you will present your research findings to the reader. You need to organise the information into smaller subsections, and give these sections a heading. Make sure the information flows logically from one section to the next.
3. Conclusion ...view middle of the document...

Recommendations can be listed and numbered. Make sure your recommendations are realistic!
5. References/Bibliography
A reference list tells the reader all the sources you have referred to in your report. A bibliography tells the reader all the sources you have consulted, but not necessarily referred to.
6. Appendices
Appendices are materials you have referred to which are not essential for the reading of the report, and which could distract the reader from its logic. However, they need to accompany it so the reader can refer to them. Examples are tables, graphs, statistics, diagrams, which have been mentioned in the report. Appendices are numbered, for referencing in the text.
Tips for writing Reports:
Remember to use connective words and phrases in your Report:
* As you can see....
* If you look at how/why/when/where
* On the one hand
* On the other hand
* If you look closely at
* The result of this/that was
* If you consider how/why/where/when
* If you look at the effect of
* As a result
* Consequently

√ Analyse the task carefully. Who is the report for? Why do they want it? What do they need to know?
√ Make a time plan, allowing plenty of time for research.
√ Structure the report into clear sections using numbering and headings, so information is easy to find. In longer reports, provide a Summary or Abstract.
√ In general, write in a more formal, objective and impersonal style.
√ Aim to be clear, concise and precise.
√ Ensure all your sources are clearly referenced in the text.
√ Proof read carefully, checking for clarity as well as accuracy.
√ Always check the guidelines for your assignment!

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