Term Paper

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A Term Paper
Submitted to the
School of Information Technology
Makati City

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Course Requirements in
Rizal’s Life, Works, & Writings and
Other Filipino Heroes

Submitted by:

Mary Jane L. de Lemos

Submitted to:

Dr. Reynaldo A. Padilla

June 2012

Table of Contents:

Acknowledgement ………………………………………………………………….……….1

Author (Wayne L. de Lemos)….……………………...………………………….…..…….2


Body of Paper

I. Historical Milieu………………………………………………………….......4

II. Personal ...view middle of the document...

And lastly, to God who’ve always been with me, guided me, and enlightened my mind in order to accomplish this term paper. Without him, I would have the strength, courage, and wisdom to write what is on my mind and express what I feel.


In order to accomplish this term paper, the writer of this term paper didn’t base the topic from a book but instead the writer based it on who inspires her most. The chosen topic is “The values I learned from my mother and how it changed and affected my life”. The writer chose her mother in order to show her respect, love, and how a good mother she was and she raced a daughter like the writer.

The writer’s mother is a simple person who grew up in Tondo, Manila. She is a person with lots of values to share and lots of things to learn from. She is a person who shows the value of being humble, simple, responsible, brave, faithful, and has fear of God. Also, the writer’s mother is a good example of someone whom you can trust, share your problems, and will always be there to support and comfort you.

With this term paper, the writer tries to show how it is important to have a mother. A mother who is very patient in teaching you the Alphabet, who’s always there for you whenever you need help or someone to talk to, wherein she could be your best friend or your friend to hold on, and who is there to support you in everything you do.

Also, in order to show the writer’s love for her mother, the writer would tell every little piece of values that the author gained from her mother. The writer would also like to show how thankful she was to have a mother like her.


The writer’s mother is her first teacher, her best friend, her guide, her playmate, her chat mate, her enemy, and her problem listener. During the writer’s childhood, her mother acted as her teacher in which she teaches every detail of a certain topic. Before, the writer was just a little child who thinks that everything she does is a game. She works with everything with no focus and direction.

Through this term paper, the writer would like to express how she feels how happy and lucky she is to have a mother like her. The writer will elaborate how she was raced by her mother and also, the writer would tell every detail about her mother. She is gladly to have her as a model of femininity. Every action she does, the writer will always imitate. Every command she orders, the writer will follow. As a loving daughter to her mother, this is the writer’s way to express her love to her. The writer also extends her gratitude to those who had been there for her mother when she was in problem, problems that would include financial, emotional or even physical dilemmas.

Also, through this term paper, the writer would like to apologize to her mother. She would like to make up for the things that she had done which caused her mother to have minor and serious problems. She would like to ask forgiveness and promises to...

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