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Term Paper Abc

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Australian Broadcasting
A look Into One of The Nations Leading Newscasting Corporations


The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is one of the nations leading global
media corporations throughout Australia, Asia, and the Pacific. The ABC strives “to be a trusted
and innovative media organization, enriching the lives of all Australians and presenting
Australian perspectives to the world” (Our Strategic Plan). Focusing on four specific values in
which its foundation and principles of the manner in which their work should be executed;
Integrity, “we act with trustworthiness, honesty, and fairness” (Our Strategic Plan). Respect, “we ...view middle of the document...

Initially, critics
will generally accuse the media of distorting reality to draw attention to their agenda. Viewers
have also charged this newscasting corporation of having a conservative bias when it comes to



economic coverage. Even with all these accusations and critiques, the Australian Broadcasting
Corporation is seen as a key international communicator in getting information not only
throughout Australia but also to its international spectrums.
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation covers a large number of networks including
having connections and subsidiaries with other global media phenomenas. Within the ABC its
radio medium consists of four national networks (RN, NewsRadio, Classic FM, and triple j),
which are also available in mainland capital cities as a digital radio service. It’s local radio
includes sixty locations throughout Australia with an online infrastructure live streaming twenty
different radio stations. Involving a digital radio base (double j, ABC Jazz, ABC country, ABC
grandstand, triple j, Unearthed, and ABC extra) in which all of the ABC’s radio broadcasting has
roughly one hundred and sixty eight hours across each ABC radio network and station. Besides
radio, the ABC has footholds in television, commercial, and international spectrums. Its
television devision has four channels (ABC, ABC2, ABC News 24, ABC3) as well as channels
for children. While the commercial aspect encompasses roughly $1.5 million in net profit
generated had returned to programming in 2013-2014. The ABC Radio Australia is carried on a
WRN Broadcast, available via satellite in Europe and North America. While their radio and
online services reach audiences across Asia and the Pacific.
This global medium has an international threshold in which there are agreements and
relationships with other news agencies. Some of these foreign agencies are: AFP (Agence
France-Presse), Al Jazeera, BBC World, Deutsche Welle, Hang Seng, and...

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