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Telephone Essay

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Antiquity – Indian Food.

In India, spices have been an integral part of civilization. Spices were traded from Indian from the time of Romans. For a very long time, Arab merchants use to supply spices to Europe, and the Arabs closely guarded the secret of the source of their spices in India. Europe set sail many voyages in search of India for its spices. It is often cited by historians that spice trade between India and Europe was the primary catalyst for the Europe’s ‘Age of Discovery’.

Traders from various countries have exploited spices commercially. Ayurveda considered that spices had medicinal properties and tried to infuse health into the diet. For decades, the social system of ...view middle of the document...

These differences are seen in their respective cuisines too. With such different and varied food, it is impossible to cap it under a single roof of Indian food.

Though popularly known as the ‘Curry House’ around the globe, India does not have any such thing as curry. ‘Curry’ is an English word. It can associated with the Tamil word ‘Kari’, which means sauce or gravy. But there are thousands of gravies and sauces in Indian cuisine that form the bases of thousands more dishes.

Foreigner’s Influence:

For a long time in ancient India, Indian cuisine was shaped immensely from the interactions with those who came to the land as wanderers, traders, and invaders – making it a unique blend of various cultures. The consequent fusion of foreigners has resulted in what is known today as ‘Indian Cuisine’.

Foreigners had an interesting and intriguing influence on Indian Cuisine. The first taste of foreign fusion came from Greek, Romans, and Arabs. They provided a large number of spices and herbs. Most important is saffron. Arabs were also responsible for introducing Coffee to India. Parsi...

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