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Teenagers Behaviors Essay

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Hallana Paula Barbosa
Fundamentals of College Writing
Dr. June E. Dunn
E 103.10
Teenager’s behaviors

The 1938 movie, Reefer Madness, suggests that teenagers who smoke marijuana are problematic to society. Since the early 1900s, drugs have been one of parents’ worst enemies. Marijuana changes a person both mentally and physically. According to, the film was intended to be shown to parents as a morality tale attempting to teach them about the dangers of marijuana. The movie was revolving around the tragic events that happened when high school students tried marijuana.
The curse of marijuana abuse is spreading across the United ...view middle of the document...

Three innocent young people are drawn in by the promise of a party. First Jimmy and Bill attend the party, followed by two exemplary students, and later, Jimmy’s sister and Bill’s girlfriend, Mary. Smoking the weed makes you laugh uncontrollably, dance wildly, and indulge in promiscuous sexual behaviors, and that’s just for starters. Jimmy becomes addicted to the marijuana, which results in him hitting a pedestrian while driving. Bill’s behavior is suffering as well. Previously, these kids were the tops of their class and always doing what they were supposed to, but now, the influence of marijuana is threatening the goodness in their lives.
Marijuana is the drug to beat them all. Naturally, tragedy is right around the corner, illustrated when Mary ventures into the apartment looking for Jimmy. She is offered a joint, thoroughly enjoys it, and ends up almost raped by Ralph. I say almost because before it goes too far she is shot in a scuffle between Bill and Jack. Later, it was taken to the courtroom, with Bill on trial for murder, little knowing that Jack had pulled the trigger.
The movie Reefer Madness it was very interesting in my opinion. The movie is trying to show how bad things can happen to good people. Marijuana can change anyone’s life if they choose to continue using it. Reefer Madness’s main idea was not only to illustrate the side affects of marijuana, but to make people aware that it results in violence, suicide, rape, and death.

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